You’re coming to Wyldwoods


You will need to bring the following things with you:

  • Clothes that you can get dirty and wet. Lots of layers of clothing on cold wet days will help you to keep warm. You can always take extra layers off!
  • A good hat to keep your head warm and dry. Everyone loses more heat from the top of their head than any other part of their body.
  • A healthy snack and drink for your break times and a packed lunch. Please don’t bring glass bottles, they can easily break and hurt others. if you have a problem with E-numbers try not to bring anything that contains them.
  • Sensible, comfortable footwear. The very best types of footwear have ‘toe caps’ built in to protect your feet.
  • Be ready to get dirty, join in and, most importantly, have fun!

Hot/cold drinks and light refreshments are available for purchase. More substantial catering can also be provided if we have adequate advance notice.

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