Provides Craft Supplies for One Day
Allows us to bring in Specialised Craft Guests
Provides a Place for Someone in need for 6 Weeks



Wyldwoods relies on grants and donations to continue its work. Whilst some of our friends use the PIP payments to come and see us, others are not so lucky and for them to have a taste of what we can offer requires additional funding.


We cannot thank enough our group of volunteers who help us week after week. Do you have some free time and a skill that you can share (or just 4 hours of patience to help others). Please contact us.

Raising Money

To help us raise funds we sell many of the items made at Wyldwoods. They are not expensive and all proceeds go towards supplies for workshops. Please click here to see our wares. Thank you.


Each year we have to raise over £50,000 to ensure people can enjoy the facilities here. You can help. As an example your donation….

  • Donating £5 – Provides craft supplies for one day
  • Donating £50 – Allows us to bring in specialised craft guests
  • Donating £300 – Provide a place for someone in need for 6 weeks

You can make a donation to Wyldwoods using the button on the right. This quick, easy and secure method allows you to use any major credit card or PayPal to make a donation. We don’t mind how much you give. We are very grateful for your support.

Corporate Sponsorship

We have a long list of supporters from firms in and around Shropshire. Some have provided direct funding but others have provided materials and man-power to help us continue to grow. If you are in the position that you can offer us some help then please get in touch.

Want to become a Volunteer?

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